JPFM Facilities Management Company

24/7 Helpdesk

Our 24/7 helpdesk and call handling service is designed by property professionals for property professionals. We aren't just a generic call centre. Are team is made up of individuals who know the property management industry, who understand the industry and have hands on experience with maintenance and workflow management.

We like to keep things simple and jargon free yet still being able to deal with maintenance issues in a suitable and efficient manner whilst always maintaining the best interest of all parties involved.

Our 24/7 helpdesk and support desk service is available for clients of all sizes. We work with both commercial and residential single site clients, through to multi site users through to large portfolio property management clients.

We have the ability to tailor our services to suit you needs and our flexibility is what sets up apart.

JPFM is the UK's leading property helpdesk service.

Once onboarded, we're able to work with you to set suitable service level agreements (SLA's) with contractors to ensure issues are dealt with in the time frames that you or your tenants expect.

We are also able to utilise your own contractor database or use our own supply chain

JPFM 24/7 Helpdesk - Supporting you and your tenants both in and out of normal working hours