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Once you have decided on which plan suits you and your site(s), we will being the onboarding process. At this point, you will be sent an invoice for £89 for each site you wish to onboard (bulk site discounts may apply).

Your onboarding cost includes the supply of signage which you can install in a suitable location at each site. The cost includes two A5 sized signs with the relevant helpdesk information upon them. Additional signs can be supplied at £35 per sign. We can arrange installation for you if required.

If your site requires CCTV monitoring then we can monitor your current system, if compatible, or we can supply Wifi enabled CCTV cameras. The cameras we supply are billed at £86.99 each plus installation costs which may vary between locations and a quote will be provided. For our supplied cameras, a suitable Wifi connection is required. If this is not available then we are happy to assist with the supply and installation of GMS based systems. CCTV Monitoring monthly cost will depend on the amount of cameras you have and a site survey will be required. The monthly cost mentioned above is for the base package to allow you to be set on the correct plan.


We will request relevant information from you, as the client, as then for each site. The more information we can obtain about each site then the easier life becomes down the line.

If you operate your own prefered contractor list then we will need this information from you so that jobs can be logged with your contractors. If you do not, then we will use our own supply chain of vetted suppliers and contractors. If we used your own contractors, then they will be instructed to bill you directly for any works instructed. If we use our own contractors, their cost can be added to your account for payment at month end.

SLA's are to be agreed with the client along with any restrictions or billing limits. We will always apply best practices when a call is logged to a) properly qualify the call to determine the urgency b) ensure the works requested are handled in a suitable manner inline with 'a' and c) to ensure that risk is qualified to limit or reduce damage or damage to property or person. That said, we cannot be liable for any damage or injury sustained at your sites.

Alarm activations must come from your monitoring station, for example Red Care, and we will then act in line with your agreed SLA's.

Security services will be quoted and will be an additional monthly cost however, your monthly fee does include the management of such services. Our services may include site patrols on a set or ad hoc basis as required, unlocking of your site, locking of your site or stations or manned guarding. Additional services above and beyond your monthly contractual fee will be billable as an uplift and the cost added to you account. 

Asset monitoring requires the installation of wifi enabled technology and sensor systems and a site survey will be required to determine what hardware is required. Sensors are billable per unit. Asset monitoring allows us to be alerted as soon as an asset fails so action can be taken to minimise damage and downtime.

Energy usage monitoring will require a site survey. A report will be presented following the initial site visit and highlight where improvements can be made. On going visits will be carried out to further provide support and adjustments as required. Sensor equipment can be installed and each unit is billable. Sensors can monitor the lighting levels and temperatures. We're also able to monitor plant room equipment usage. Savings are not guaranteed.

Once you are signed up as a customer, you will be given access to our online helpdesk portal. Your login details will be sent to you via email.


Pricing is subject to tax at the current rates. Payment can be made monthly with a recurring payment with a debit or credit card or we can issue an invoice each month for payment within 7 days. Late payments may result in additional fees and disruption to services.